March 14, 2019

TNMAS Application 2019

Registration Details

1) Call for Artists (photography, short film or animation, 2D – 3D painting or woodcut, sculpture, etc.):

  • Submitted 1 – 3 work samples in pdf or jpg, png files or video link and the concept of works
  • Submitted works will be selected based on the quality and appropriation of the venue (please see the BACC hall information)

2) Call for Composers:

  • Submitted 1 score with work description in pdf files accompanying with a link (soundcloud, dropbox, etc) to recording of the submitted work (not required)
  • Certain amount of pieces will be selected to categorize into 2 sessions: 1.) Composer Reading and 2.) Concert
  • 6 – 10 selected works will be performed in the reading sessions which will be guided by featured artists. Some of the works will be programmed in one of the concerts during the symposium. Both reading sessions and concerts will be professionally recorded.
  • All composers of the selected works will have opportunities to attend 1 rehearsal during 5th of July (the rehearsal venue will be announced by June 10th).
  • Submitted composition can include any combination from the following instrumentation:

Tacet(i) Ensemble:
clarinet, saxophone, trombone, keyboard, percussion, guitar/elec. guitar, violin, viola, cello, electronics

Enlab and Additional Instrumentations: 

flute, oboe, horn, trumpet, viola, guitar, double bass

 3) Call for Artists, Musician and Anyone who interested in Performing with Experimental Orchestra:
  • Submitted a sample of your performance work: for conceptual or performance planning please submit your work in pdf file or a link (youtube, dropbox, etc.)  to live performance recording
  • Successful applicants will perform with the Festival Experimental Orchestra during the symposium

All the applications in three categories must be submitted through the google form: Apply here 

Application submitted between March 17 – June 10, 2019
The selected participants will be announced by June 15, 2019 For inquiries please contact:
Selected composers and artists must present at the symposium. The participants will cover their own expenses of travel and accommodation. Participants could choose the option of accommodation suggested by TMAO (with special price). Some participants would be offered a scholarship of accommodation (based on quality of work).