TNMAS Open call 2021

Thailand New Music and Arts Symposium 2021 (TNMAS) is seeking new works with diversity of art forms including artwork, multimedia, composition, and installation, as well as artists and performers to be featured in the 2021 program at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) during 17th - 19th December 2021.

The theme of this year is “Hybrid World, Cultural Reconnection” The open calls aim to explore artistic works which are related to contexts among cultural diversity, disconnection and connection in human society, the reflection from multiculturalism and technological aspect in the hybrid world of art.

Application Deadline: July 15th 2021
Application Fee: Free
Installation Date: December 15th and 16th 2021
Exhibition and Performance Dates: December 17th - 19th 2021

General Information

- A selected proposal will be invited to exhibit during TNMAS 2021, 17th - 19th December 2021
- Selected participants will be responsible for their own expenses (e.g. flights and accommodation)
- TNMAS are happy to provide an invitation letter for participants to apply their own individual grants for support.
- Selected participants need to attend the symposium
- The open calls will offer 8 - 10 works by artists and composers as well as 10 - 20 performers regardless of nationalities to participate in the symposium. Please see below the information of application, details and schedule. The open calls offer 5 categories of application.


Call for Scores

Call for Scores:

acoustic instruments, acousmatics and electronics, multimedia works, or sound installation
Selected works will be performed during the symposium by the Tacet(i) ensemble.

Call for Scores Application Requirements

1) biography (200 words) and 1 recent photo
2) score(s) of any following instrumentation:
Tacet(i) Ensemble: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trombone, Tuba, Guitar, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Keyboard, Electronics and Percussion (available instruments: vibraphone, drum set, snare, bongos and Tam-tam. D.I.Y. and other small instruments are preferable and upon request. Please no timpani, xylophone, marimba, chimes and other large instruments).
*The work should be for 1 - 8 performers, the duration should be no longer than 10 minutes
3) recording is optional
4) a short description of work (150 words)
***electronic works or live performances are acceptable, please include sound sample and a PDF of tech set up

Call for Artworks

Call for Artworks:

visual art, photography, poetry, multimedia work, digital/mixed media, sculpture, architecture, robotics, or art works which contain different materials (e.g. textiles and material, glass, wood, metal, ceramics, mosaic, paper or other techniques all media responding for subjects)
*Selected works will be exhibited during the symposium and will be supported with a small honorarium budget for installation expenses and artworks transportation cost.

Call for Artworks Application Requirements

1) biography (200 words) and 1 recent photo
2) a picture or video link of the artwork, the applicant can send upto 5 works for the consideration, TNMAS will select only 1 work by 1 applicant.
3) setting details: Please send us simple details such as stage plan, gears, construction, setting instructions, requirements (wall, screw, hanging, temperature); this would clarify how to curate your work at the space which would affect to the consideration of the whole curation)
4) a short description of work (150 words)
*** submitted works will be selected based on the quality and appropriation of the venue. Please see venue information below

Call for Performers (TNMAS Orchestra):

Call for Performers:

instrumentalists (western orchestral instrument and traditional instrument). Selected participants will perform innovative orchestral works in the TNMAS orchestra at the end of the symposium.

*Participants will be provided a small honorarium budget for food and local transportation.

Call for Performers Application Requirements

1) biography (200 words) and 1 recent photo
2) a sample of your performance (upto 5 minutes)
Required instruments:
Traditional instruments (from any cultures and countries),
Western orchestra: 2222 - 2221 - 2perc - strings

Call for Paper

Call for Paper:

new and creative research, conference paper, written article or presentation related to the theme “Hybrid World, Cultural Reconnection”. Selected participants will give a 35-minutes presentation + 15-minutes Q&A. The conference will be presented through zoom and TNMAS youtube channel.

Call for Paper Application Requirements

1) Biography (200 words) and 1 recent photo
2) an abstract of the proposed presentation (1-2 pages, A4)
3) if applicable, a full text of the paper (if it is completed), a chapter or an article related to the proposed presentation

Call for Project Proposal

Call for Project Proposal:

creative proposals for all individuals, groups of any kind of performers, instrumentalists to create a new collaboration related to the theme “Hybrid World, Cultural Reconnection”. Selected projects will be exhibited during the symposium and will be supported with a small honorarium budget for installation expenses if the project requirement needs (the amount of the budget is depended on panel’s consideration).

Call for Project Proposal Application Requirements

1) Project proposal (2-4 Pages A4 max.):
- Title
- Project descriptions
- Purpose and Objectives
- Activities
- Plans and Requirements
2) Biography(s) (200 words)
3) 1 recent photo